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Dom has created the first Wizdom Drumshed School in the world in Long Island (NY) many years ago. “Wizdom” is a mix of two words, wizard and Dom (For Dom Famularo). Put the two words together and you get Wizdom. These schools are taking place all around the world in collaboration with Dom to ensure that the quality of the studios and the teaching process is high class. The approach is unique and the result is amazing.


Private Lessons with Dom Famularo / Long Island, New York

If you live in or are visiting the New York area, private instruction is available with Dom. There are also programs for drummers worldwide who wish to travel to New York for intensive study. Students have traveled from over 20 countries and twenty five states to study with Dom. Instruction rates with Dom are $90 per hour. Please contact our office for further information.

Dom has built a new larger state-of-the-art drum studio. Seeing below are some pictures. Into each lesson is fused the passion of 30 years of private lessons, master classes, and clinics. Dom maintains the highest commitment to private teaching even with his schedule of global travels!

Dom’s State-of-the-Art Teaching Facility:









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Stephane Chamberland / Wizdom Drumshed – Quebec City, Canada

Stephane Chamberland is a drummer, clinician, educator and author. He is an independent solo artist that has been playing and recording with countless musicians performing hundreds of live shows around the world.
In 2014 Steph has been playing with The Stephane Chamberland Trio, The Flavia Nascimento Quarter, The Christian Pare World Ensemble, The Tone Call Band and Trio, Kabir Percussion Band, The show “Une seule et même voix” with artists from the TV show The Voice and freelancing for different corpo gigs. He has also been the drummer of the TV show T.A.M (Musical Autochtones Talents).
Steph is recognized internationally and has presented hundreds of clinics and masterclasses in stores, schools, camps and festivals around the globe in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan and China over the past ten years. He has performed at the International Cape Breton Drum Festival, at the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp (Taipei National University of the Arts), at the Da Dong Tian Xia Music Concert (Shanghai Grand Theatre), at the Shanghai Int’l Percussion Camp and at the Batuka International Drumfest 2013 (Sao Paulo, Brazil). He also maintains a busy private teaching schedule at his studio in Quebec City, The Wizdom Drumshed, and also teaches regularly via Skype. Steph’s studio is a state-of-the-art teaching and recording facility where drummers from all around the world come and connect to study. Steph is also part of the education team for Vic Firth with the PDT + program.

Stephane has studied drumset with many respected teachers in New York, New Jersey, Toronto and Germany, including Claus Hessler, Dom Famularo, Jim Chapin, Rick Gratton, Billy Ward, Robby Ameen, Jeff Salem, Paul DeLong, Joe Bergamini, John Favicchia, Eduardo Guedes and Aldo Mazza. He went to Manhattan School of Music and studied with John Riley and Bobby Sanabria. Stephane also studied at the Conservatory of Music in Quebec City and with several teachers in the area.
Steph’s interests in writing and education have led him to become very active in the music publishing world. He is the co-author of the book The Weaker Side, Drumset Duets and Pedal Control with Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini (Wizdom Media – Alfred Publishing). He has worked on the book Drumset For Beginners (Alfred Publishing) with Paul Hose and Jim Farey in the UK. Stephane also wrote the new edition of the number one drum books in the world of George Lawrence Stone, Stick Control and Accent in Rebounds.  In 2012 he played at the NAMM show in California for Alfred Publishing. Steph’s articles has been published in Modern Drummer Magazine in USA, DrumScene Magazine in Australia, Drum Etc in Canada and in The Percussive Notes in USA just to name a few.
Steph is endorsed by Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Shure Microphones, Gonbops Percussions and Evans Drumheads. You can also learn more about Stephane by going to Drums Etc Magazine, Drummerworld, Wizdom Media and The Black Page Magazine.

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Steph endorses Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Shure Microphones and Evans Drumheads.

Rob Hirons / Wizdom Drumshed – Marseille France

Rob Hirons is an independent drumset artist and educator based in Marseille in the south of France. He has toured with countless musicians performing literally hundreds of live shows in Europe and the USA, as well as doing extensive live and recorded work in France for artists such as Watcha Clan, Hofmann Family Blues Experience, Les Squaws, Rona Hartner, Isis Child and many others.

Widely recognized as a dynamic educator, Rob has been dedicated to his teaching career for more than 20 years. He currently maintains an extensive teaching schedule, coaching drummers both in the region and from further afield with his abilities to motivate and facilitate the development of aspiring students. He teaches in his own state-of-the-art private teaching studio ‘The Wizdom Drumshed’ in Marseille, France, created in collaboration with Global Drum Ambassador Dom Famularo.

Rob also performs and presents drum clinics, masterclasses and other educational events for drum schools and music centers to bring the art of drumming to a larger public in an educational setting.

Rob has studied drumset with many respected teachers including Ray Payne at his high school, Ronnie Bottomley, Dave Hassell, Tony Faulkner at Leeds College of Music where he gained an honours degree in Jazz Studies, and more recently, independent study with Dom Famularo in New York.

Rob currently works in partnership with Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, and Vic Firth Drumsticks.

The Wizdom Drumshed in Marseille France

The 18 meter square teaching studio contains two fully equipped Mapex drum sets with Sabian cymbals as well as a separate practice pad station with Vic Firth practice pads for developing hand techniques and a dedicated reading station with a professional concert snare drum for classical studies. There are microphones set up on both drum sets linked to a 16 channel mixing desk for play along and recording purposes and monitoring is facilitated by Vic Firth high quality closed headphones. The studio is also equipped with a complete audio video system including strategically placed digital cameras to be able to shoot each of the teaching stations showing the student in real time on two separate video screens and to record extracts of the lessons on to dvd or memory card for the student to take away for further study.

The studio is completed by a full multimedia section including a library of excellent drum tuition books, tuition DVDs and internet connection for World Wide Web access.

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“I am so inspired when I meet someone who is so dedicated to performing and teaching! Rob Hirons has been working with me on both areas! As a player, he is constantly challenging himself to grow and create. As an educator, he is always willing to seek out new ideas for assisting students to reach a higher level of expression! This is totally empowering! Rob and I are working together to raise the fun factor in drumming and assist drummers everywhere to enjoy the adventure of musical expression! I am excited about what Rob offers to everyone who enters his Wizdom DrumShed!”

Dom Famularo – Drummings’ Global Ambassador, New York USA

“Rarely have I seen the talent and enthusiasm that Rob possess. My experience with Rob have proven him to be reliable, energetic, always prepared and showing great discipline. Rob’s overall attitude is very positive and he is an all around professional person and musician. Be sure to check him out…it’s inspiring!”

Stephane Chamberland – International Clinician and Educator, Quebec, Canada

“Rob, as well as being talented, has an essential quality – the passion to transmit knowledge. It is rare to find someone who will go so far to help you understand something perfectly, to find that critical point that makes everything become clear. As well as this, Rob’s analysis of movement and hand position is particularly advanced, allowing him to explain in depth the techniques required to master the drum set.”

JB Raynaut – Student at the Wizdom Drumshed Marseille and drummer of Babylon Pression.

Massimo Russo / Wizdom Drumshed – Calabria, Italy

Massimo Russo was born in Gallarate in 1980; after he moved to Calabria, in a short time he started to study Drums and Percussions, getting a diploma with honors at the Conservatory “F. Torrefranca” under M° Vittorino Naso’s guidance. Since then, he has been joining his teaching activity with the one as a concert performer (pop, jazz, fusion both national and international collaborations).

Apart from being an appreciated teacher and instrumentalist, Massimo is constantly working on his own refinement, going on attending the best Italian and foreign drummers’ classes and seminars.

Massimo’s talent lies in his natural versatility. He manages to obtain all this by a remarkable dynamic control, movements smoothness and an excellent hands technique.
Massimo Russo’s fundamental concept in teaching is “handing on Instinct and Passion for the instrument even before using technique and theory” (quoted), minding the movements and their harmony as a base to create emotion and sound.
On Dom’s task, Massimo Russo represents Wizdom Drumshed School® in Italy.
Wizdom Drumshed School® is the distinctive Drum Schools brand created by Dom Famularo and his students, it guarantees an international highly-regarded teaching method.

Artistic Cooperations
Massimo Russo is a demanded and appreciated drummer in the pop sphere: he has played for ha Viola Valentino and Lighea (ex Sanremo Festival), afterwards collaborating with Kiko and Alessia Di Giò (Sanremo Lab), Stefano Maiuolo (Amici) and Francesca   Ciampa (X-Factor).
Anyway, Massimo’s versatility has brought him to be esteemed also in Jazz, Fusion, Latin-
Jazz e World Music ambit. Among others, noteworth collaborations with Egidio Ventura (international jazz pianist), Enzo Mirabello (pianist e composer, winner in 21 nazional competitions, concerts in France), Mirco Menna and Pasquale Nigro (ex Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti) Also classical percussions are part of his repertoire: Massimo has played many times with Conservatory “F. Torrefranca” Symphonic Orchestra of  Vibo Valentia.


Massimo Russo is a very talented musician, drummer, teacher and clinician, i have performed with him and had many hours of conversation about drumming. He understands the importance of education for young drummers, his StepDrums teaching program is a clear organized step by step program.
He will inspire you, motivate you and guide you to understand your talent and your passion: follow the StepCourses® to climb and discover your true potential.
Massimo travelled to New York to study with me, and dedicate himself to learn all the techniques and musical concepts of drumming. Now he shares his education passion at the Wizdom Drumshed School® Italy:  enjoy the adventure.
Dom Famularo
 – Drumming Global Ambassador



The Drumming Lab / Wizdom Drumshed – Paris, France

Located in the center of Paris, is a unique place, entirely devoted to the world of the battery. This place is dedicated to the discovery, understanding and learning the techniques of hands and feet … The Free Stroke, Moeller Whipping Motion Pumping Motion Pull outs Control Strokes, Fingers Control, Control Pedal … will have no secret for you … All techniques, taught by George Lawrence STONE, Sanford Augustus Moeller and Billy GLADSTONE, illustrious founders of modern battery, all aggregated by Dom Famularo.

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The Drumming Lab - Paris

The course will be based mainly focus on:
It’s Your Move
Dom Famularo & Joe Bergamini
More than a method, IT’S YOUR MOVE is a journey, sharing knowledge transmission, a legacy … This method aligns perfect cohesion between the movements of your body, the energy that radiates from the sticks and your mind … This book provides access to these basic principles, the “POWER OF HISTORY” to understand, from the Battery Practice Pad, those essential to the enrichment and development of technical musician.

Groove Facility
By Rob Hiron & Dom Famularo
A thorough study of the application of techniques and Stroke Free Moeller grooves on the battery.

Open Handed Playing
By Claus Hessler and Dom Famularo
Based on concepts developed by teaching Jim Chapin and Billy Cobham. This book allows any drummer immediately begin to integrate an approach open hands uncrossed (Open Handed Playing) in the game, even if you always played with hands crossed. A new tool to enrich the vocabulary of the drummer.

Pedal Control
By Dom Famularo & Stephane Chamberland and Joe Bergamini
Improve the ability of your feet.  Gaining speed, control, power and endurance.

These books are published by Wizdom Media, and distributed by Alfred Music Publishing Co.

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About the School
The Drumming Lab – Wizdom Drumshed offers a pleasant and friendly space dedicated entirely to teaching.
The studio is equipped with:
Sections Pad with double pedals positioned in front of mirrors to work and develop techniques for hands and feet in the best conditions.
Digital video cameras that can record your lessons.
Electronic drums Roland TD 12.
A selection of DVD’s and methods appropriate to the techniques taught.

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