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This page features educational material for both technique development and the drumset. Use this page as a resource for education


The Weaker Side

This book addresses the common problem of proportionally unequal abilities between a drummer’s dominant and weaker muscle sets in drumming technique. The strategic exercises are designed to develop the under-used muscles to cultivate a more balanced ability for controlled movement and a fluid and consistent sound. Organized for gradual strengthening through daily practice, the exercises can be used for both hands and feet.

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It’s Your Move

The foundation of Dom’s overall drumming concept is contained in this one-of-a-kind drum book that was voted one of the best new drum books of the year by the readers of Modern Drummer magazine in 2000. Co-written with drummer Joe Bergamini and clearly illustrated by Steve Leahy, the book explains and shows many legendary and controversial techniques in drumming, removing the mystery and getting directly to the details. Included are the Free Stroke, Moeller Technique, and many of Dom’s personal exercises for drumset mastery. Included are two cartoon-style flipbooks to illustrate motion.
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Message Recieved From Reader:

Dear Mr. Famularo,

I ordered your “It’s Your Move” book for my husband and it was just the book he needed! After previously buying three DVD’s and three other books on drumming, he is finally drumming away. Your emphasis on both personal creativity and the mainstay sticking moves has set him free and he is finally enjoying his hobby.

He tried taking up drumming about 20 years ago with a drum teacher and he got nowhere. After about two years of frustration he gave it up. Having decided once again to give it a try, he had me search out books and instruction disks. They were okay, but not what he needed. Then I found your book “It’s Your Move” and he loves it! He has been working with it about three hours a day for three weeks and can feel the difference.

I too have been working with the free stroke and the whip and am almost where I don’t drop my sticks now. (controlling the sticks without actually gripping them is a real buster for me!) We both find your book easy to understand and follow. The sticking methods are easy to follow and worth the effort. Actually the only thing that is hard to do, is RELAX! But we will keep at it, if for no other reason than to have the energy to practice longer! (and of course get faster)

The emphasis on freedom is important to both of us too. Copying someone else’s ‘licks’ is a stupid way to drum. It has to come from the feelings and passion of the artist, and that is what you emphasize.

My husband thanks you for your book and I thank you for the happiness you have given him, and the fun of sharing an interest with him.

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