Dom Famularo

“Dreams lead to innovations. Innovations lead to a better world.”

It’s that simple.

“I intend to be the greatest architect that ever lived,” Frank Lloyd Wright announced at the beginning of his career. His What if… inspired his why not.

So Frank Lloyd Wright broke all the rules. Many of his structures, now seen as brilliant masterpieces, were in violation of existing building codes when they were constructed. But Wright wasn’t interested in what architecture was. He was interested it what it could be.

Which is why many people today believe that he had achieved that lofty dream he so boldly announced. And because of it, his ideas on light and space will influence generations of architects.

So if you’re looking for rules to follow. Here are the two that make the most sense:
Rule No. 1: There are no rules
Rule No. 2: When in doubt, refer to Rule No. 1

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