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The Story of Dom Famularo (Told By Dom):

For the past few years, I travel the many countries performing, meeting, experiencing, teaching, learning and enjoying everyone that I am fortunate enough to encounter in this journey called life.

I hope you enjoy my new website. I am extremely excited about this new tool and great medium that allows us to communicate. For me, I get to meet more of you. And you now have the opportunity to experience my world of Global “DOM”ination.

Dom doing what he does best.

For the last 5 years, I have traveled to at least 10 countries per year . My passion for drumming and teaching has directed me to great places all throughout North America, the Far East, Australia and to almost every county in Europe. Every place has given me more knowledge and experience to become a much better artist, as well as a person.

I began playing as a professional at the age of 12 along with my 2 older brothers and my younger sister. Eventually, I graduated to other bands and different performing situations. At seventeen years old my desire to commit to a career in drumming led me to many great teachers and mentors.

My first serious and focused teacher was Ronnie Benedict. He is a great motivator and educator. I studied the basics of rudiments, reading, and understanding different musical styles. Ronnie offered me an absolutely perfect way to begin the fundamentals of drumming. Ronnie has taught many great players; Dennis McDermott, Bill Messinetti, and Neil Grover to name a few. Ronnie passed away in 1999 and I continue to use his knowledge everyday.

My next teacher was Al Miller. Al is a tremendous resource for many players. He has taught such great drummers as Tom Brechtlein, Rod Morgenstein and numerous other great drummers. Al focused me on more intense reading, big band playing, drum set independence and a variety of drumming skills. Al also was a very good friend of Buddy Rich. It was through Al, I was able to meet and have many hangout sessions with Buddy. Al passed away in the year 2000 and I continue to be inspired by Al in every lesson.

My studies continued with Joe Morello. Joe was the top student of Georges Lauwrence Stone, author of stick control. My first lesson was February 27, 1975. I remember that day vividly because he had influenced me greatly through his recordings. Joe taught me the fundamentals of technique and how it is used musically. Joe’s list of former students are a “who’s who” in drumming. The legendary Joe Morello is currently teaching in New Jersey and still influencing many drummers.

Dom and the late, great Jim Chapin.

Next, on to Jim Chapin. Jim Chapin was born in 1920 and continued to actively perform and teach. Jim was truly one of a kind and was one of the percussion industry’s treasures. He provided my main guidance in learning the Moeller technique. Jim was a student of Sanford Moeller. It was because of this technique that doors were opened for my hands and feet to break barriers of speed, control, power and endurance.

In 1976, I attended the Dick Grove music school in California. I took 3 different courses under the direction of Louis Bellson, Joe Porcaro, Shelly Manne, Johnny Guerin, Jim Keltner, Roy Burns, Colin Bailey, David Gariblady and Ralph Humphrey. Each of them gave me inspiration and knowledge, adding another piece to my puzzle. While in California, I took private lessons with Les DeMerle at his school “The Cellar”. His high-powered playing and years of experience opened different doors for me. I enjoyed his intense drumming energy.

Moving back to New York in the late 70’s, I encountered Charlie Perry, with whom many meetings helped me focus and understand small group Jazz conceptualization. Charlie’s influence reached artists Jack DeJohnette, Mickey Hart , Tony Williams, and Joe Ascione to name a few. The percussion industry lost a great educator when Charlie passed away in 1998.

During the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s I performed in many different situations in New York. I had the chance to play with B.B. King, Lionel Hampton, Barney Kessel, Chuck Leavel and many other great musicians. I also maintained a very active private teaching schedule of 40 to 50 students a week. I have always enjoyed sharing the knowledge I have learned, and I am still developing along with my students. It is very rewarding to see many of my students become strong players and excellent educators.

At this time, the president of Tama Drums, Ken Hoshino, signed me on as Education Director. I began performing clinics throughout the nation opening for artists Simon Phillips, Billy Cobham, Lenny White, Denny Carmassi, Kenny Aronoff and many others.

Sabian Photo Shoot

This led me to Sabian Cymbals. I had heard the cymbals during my travels and was highly impressed by the quality and sound. As their Education Director since 1989, I travel internationally, circling the globe for various events. Sabian continues to be a leader in developing educational programs. It is always exciting synergizing with Bob Zildjian and the Sabian team.

I have been playing Promark sticks since 2016. I have always been impressed by the high quality and variety of their sticks. To work with Promark and their team has is an amazing learning experience.

I currently endorse Mapex Drums. I have had the chance to play a variety of drums, and was very impressed by the quality and sound of Mapex. I am now International Education Executive traveling as a performer, educator and developer of education programs worldwide.

Quotes From Dom:

“I have studied with the Masters, and what they passed on to me was an enthusiasm for self-expression. The fun in my life has been in challenging myself to be the best I can be. But rather than limit myself to just playing in a band, I want to share my talent to pass on the musical and philosophical values I’ve developed, so others can find and enjoy themselves the way I have.”

“Ultimately I want today’s generation to enjoy the fun of the challenge of drumming. I want to serve as their inspiration, to give people everywhere the opportunity to find their path of self-expression. Music is one of the most viable and enjoyable means of finding oneself. I am an Artist of Life and Art, which are both synonomous. How I live my life is how I live my art… and I enjoy them both together.”

“Laughter is a key component to communicating. Not everyone can play drums, but everyone can laugh. So laughter provides the common ground from which I can inspire and motivate people to play drums.”

“My goal is to entertain and motivate. There is a tremendous freedom that comes with playing drums, and I want to inspire as many people as possible to discover the exciting opportunity for personal development and satisfaction that comes with playing such an enjoyable instrument.”

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