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Flash Sale - This Week Only - IYM and Pad Sticks

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NOW AVAILABLE — NEW!!! from Promark — Dom’s Signature Pad Sticks… Order Yours Today in the STORE.

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VIDEO LESSON of the MONTH – It’s Your Move – Episode 3

Checkout This Excerpt “Organizing Success” from Dom’s Book Cycle of Self Empowerment.

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The Most Durable Hickory Sticks We’ve Ever Made

FireGrain Promark
From the ashes of our fire rises FireGrain, the most durable hickory drumstick Promark has ever made.

You may be wondering if the stories you’ve seen lately are fake news. The answer is yes, and no. The Promark sawmill in TN really did burn down in 2014. Thankfully, no one was harmed, but it did force us to reinvent from the literal ground-up.

In combination with a full transformation of the engineering process at our Houston, TX factory, the rebuild of our TN sawmill gave us the opportunity to renovate and create more innovative processes that allow us to give you, our drumming community, more groundbreaking products as a result.

One such product is being introduced today: Promark FireGrain. Our new sawmill allows us to sort for the strongest dowels possible, and a unique flame-tempering spearheaded in our updated factory all come together to make FireGrain our strongest hickory stick available today.
Today, we’re proud to say that what could have killed us only made us stronger. And now, we make the sticks to prove it.

Happy drumming,
Your friends at Promark

Check out The SESSIONS Videos

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Kenny Aronoff

Hal Blaine

Steve Gadd
The Sessions has a Youtube Channel with over 100 videos for Artists
Subscribe now!!!  You’ve got a lot of catching up to do before this next round of incredible Artists, share their exclusive personal and business insight & experiences in the music industry with Dom Famularo for our Artist Series Interviews: Enriching, Educating & Empowering you with inspiration to succeed!!

The WizDOM Drumsheds Around the World

Check Out the WizDom Drumsheds Around the World
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WELCOME to everything Dom Famularo — one of the world’s best drum teachers and coaches!

Here is all of the information you need to study with Dom. If you are just beginning your journey or if you have studied with Dom through the years, there are still some great benefits in coaching with Dom! Just let me know what dates, how many hours and what time of day you are interested in and we will get you scheduled so you can start creating new possibilities! Enjoy your journey!

The WizDOM Drumshed Enhanced with Four Camera Angle Shoot

Sign Up for a Lesson at the WizDOM Drumshed Today!

email to set up it up.

Drumming’s Global Ambassador, Dom Famularo, is offering Career / Business Coaching sessions as well as Drum Lessons.

I am scheduling Dom’s In-Studio Lessons and Coaching as well as his Skype (an internet based video phone call) Lessons and Coaching. You can be anywhere around the world and still have a lesson with the most in demand drum teacher and coach in the business!


Sign Up for a Lesson at the WizDOM Drumshed Today!

email to set it up.

Thu, December 7
Fri, December 8
Sat, December 9
Mon, December 11
Tue, December 12
Wed, December 13
Thu, December 14
Fri, December 15
Sat, December 16
Mon, December 18
Tue, December 19

Dom’s In-Studio Drum Lessons

I am now booking Dom’s in studio lessons. The address is 805 Chambers Ct, Port Jefferson, NY 11777. It is about an hour and fifteen minutes out of New York City on the North shore of Long Island. His lessons are $90 US Dollars per hour (payable by cash, check or PayPal). Please let me know how many hours you would like to spend with Dom. He will then design a plan specifically for you! He typically starts his teaching days at 9:00am and ends at 7:00pm (Eastern Standard Time). Some of Dom’s students take multiple hours of lessons from two hours to several full days. I will schedule as many hours as you request. Just let me know how many hours and which dates you would like to study with Dom. Please include your full name and a contact phone number to put into Dom’s schedule. Also include if you will be driving to the lesson, coming in on the ferry or taking the train.
Thank you!

Check out these photos of the Drum Shed… click on the thumbnails.








Lessons Based on Dom’s Best Selling Book “Groove Facility”

In addition to Dom’s scheduled lessons this month he is offering lessons specifically designed to improve your ability to “groove” — an essential component of every drummer’s facility. In this exciting series he will take you on the journey of discovering the components of a groove.

Together you will:
– explore traditional, modern and complicated grooves.
– work on the ability to play a groove relaxed and comfortably.
– learn how to keep tension out of your playing.
– enhance your ability to understand and play rhythmic patterns.
– increase your intuitive sense.
– understand how the Moeller stroke works in the context of playing the drum set.
– learn the concepts from the book with the author himself.
Dom’s lessons will help you understand and improve your ability to groove.

Life, Career and Business Coaching

Dom also offers Life, Career and Business coaching both in person and at his studio or by SKYPE. Dom’s book The Cycle of Self Empowerment is the basis for his life coaching. Together he works with you to create your plan for following your passion and building your career / business.

Join the Sabian Education Network (SEN)


The Sabian Education Network is a community for drum teachers to interact and share with each other. In keeping with this, and in order to keep the discussions inside the website at a high level, we need to know about your teaching experience and career.


Join D’addario’s Education Collective (DEC)

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Join our community of music educators to help inspire the next generation of lifelong musicians. The program provides music teachers with access to digital resources, mentoring from D’Addario master educators, exclusive content, promotions and an opportunity for product feedback and testing. The Education Collective will grow as a community and resource center for all types of teachers.


Watch Daddario Education Collective videos Beyond the Page with Dom…

“Beyond the Page” explores fresh approaches to classic drum method books. Each video provides a unique perspective to a classic drum book. In this video, we explore Stick Control page 5 by George Lawrence Stone.

Click here to see additional Beyond the Page videos.



It’s Been Over 50 Years of Performing on the Drums!

Do you have a Dom story? It is Dom’s 50th anniversary of performing on the drums! Share your story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use the #DomFamularo hashtag. Your story could be featured on Dom’s website and Facebook fan page. Be sure to like Dom’s Facebook fan page Several half an hour lessons (Skype, FaceTime or in person) will be given to those sharing inspiring, funny, heartwarming or any kind of story you share about Dom. Make sure you use the #DomFamularo hashtag so you can be entered. Enter as many stories as you want… it will give you more chances to win!

Dom performs and inspires everyone he meets as he travels the world. Jump aboard and be inspired! Take your music skills, business skills and life skills to another level.

A Little Bit More About Dom:

Dom was the first drum instructor in the world to give lessons via the internet. Dom has been traveling the globe preaching the gospel of drumming for over 30 years. An intense performer, Dom is one of the most respected solo drum artists in the world, with a career built solely upon his unique skills as a drummer, educator, author and motivational speaker.

He has directed and emceed major drumming expos around the world, and has been one of drumming’s most sought-after private instructors for over 40 years. Students regularly fly in from around the globe for intensive study with Dom…currently teaching over 1,000 students from over 20 countries at his WizDOM Drumshed studio in NY. A major player in the percussion industry, Dom acts as Education consultant for Sabian Cymbals, Promark Sticks, Mapex Drums, Evans Drumheads, Wizdom Media for whom he oversees programs worldwide.

Currently Dom continues to travel intensively while working on several drum educational products as well as his series of motivational books. We hope this web site will bring you closer into the wonderful world of Dom!


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Hudson Music has partnered with Wizdom Media, owned by renowned drummer/educators Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini, as exclusive digital distributor of all their books. In the coming weeks, 15 new drum books will be released as part of this partnership, with the first 8 available now.
Dom and WizDom Hudson Books
“For more info and to order click here.

About Can Do Musos

A Can-Do Muso is a musician with challenges who is very passionate about their music.

Can Do Muso’s was established to promote and support musicians with disabilities from all over the world

Mission Statement
Can Do Musos want to provide guidance and hope to all musicians with challenges. Music is empowering and has no limitations and everyone should have a chance at their dreams.

Having a “Can Do attitude” is the first step toward success!

JOIN US on GoFundMe… Check it out — We have raised over $1,000 so far on our fund raising of $4,000 — YOU could help.


Click here for more information about Can-Do-Musos and 2015 NAMM

From Andrew Hewitt of Can-Do-Musos: “Was on this day back in March 2013, 4 of us. Dom Famularo, David Segal, Michael Mignogna and myself got together at Dom’s Wizdom Drum Shed in Port Jefferson, New York. The temp was cold outside (31f -2c), snow was about, but the ideas were running hot. We all discussed the frustrations of being an artist living with challenges in our lives…we wanted to change people’s attitudes… Can-Do Musos was born…. On the 15th March 2015, we have 151 Can-Do Musos from 19 countries. Thank you so much to everybody from all over the world for your support. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY CAN-DO MUSOS!”

Empowerment for Disabled Musicians Organization CandoMusos to Present at H.O.T. Zone During Winter NAMM 2016


CandoMusos announces that they will again be presenting their global vision for all musicians with disabilities on Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 3 pm PST, in the H.O.T. Zone at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Conference in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center.

CandoMusos was established to become the global voice for challenged musicians throughout the world. The aim is to promote and assist all musicians with any kind of disability by helping them bridge the gap between talent and limitations, while providing support and access to resources. The name comes from the idea that having a “can-do attitude” is the first step toward success. “Muso” is a term used in England and Australia to describe musicians with a passion and dedication to their music. The two words joined together form a unique name, which defines both the organization’s vision and mission.

CandoMusos was started by drummers Dom Famularo, David Segal, Andrew Hewitt, and Mike Mignogna in March 2013 at Dom’s Wizdom Drumshed in Long Island, New York. Drummer Joe Hardy from California was recently added as a new associate board member. Over 200 members of the CandoMusos family from twenty-four countries currently use the group’s free website, fostering worldwide communication among disabled musicians.

Visit,, and for more information.


Check out Dom as Tappy Pappy in this Musimations Short Reel



Musimations is an animated series that simplifies the reading and playing of music.




“You can learn a lot from building a house. I know I did. I had never built a house before. But I had the urge to build mine. It’s the house I live in today. I may never build another house, but I’ll also never regret building my house.
Like I said, you can learn a lot from building a house.
I guess that’s because a house, in a way, is like a dream.”


Inspirations Dom Famularo
Hi Dom

My name is Shaun Keating, owner of Drummers Base custom drum building. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue. We run a quarterly AD in Australia’s Drum Scene Magazine and just by chance our AD was featured on the same page as your “INSPIRATIONS” The Meaning Of Life article which I have attached. Firstly it was an honour to share a page with you and secondly what a great Article. It was a real boost to read your article and made me really want to do much better not only in drumming but in all areas of my life.  Just wanted to share this with you, Say Hello and Thanks Dom for being you.

Kindest Regards

Shaun Keating
Owner / Drummers Base

Drummers Base
2916 Sanogawa, Midori Ward, Sagamihara City
Kanagawa Pref, Japan 252-0181
tel: +81-42-687-2388
fax: +81-42-687-2375